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The Hepatitis C Buyers’ Club was created in 2015 to assist people around the world access affordable Hepatitis C treatment. Our Hep C buyers’ club is a not for profit organisation. Our motto is “People before profit.”

By using Greg Jefferys’ Hep C Buyers Club you can access cheap and effective Hepatitis C treatment. In most cases, the cost of your Hepatitis C treatment will not be more than US$550. For more information about how our Hepatitis C Buyers Club can help you buy cheap Hepatitis C medication simply email us by clicking here EMAIL The Hep C Buyers’ Club.
Joining our Buyers’ Club is simple and free. As a member your can access our free Hep C resources and our Facebook Hep C support group Hepatitis C Treatment, Cure, and Community. It’s the world’s largest Hep C support group thousands of members who have had Hepatitis C, done the treatment and been cured. Read some testimonials from some of our members by clicking here.

Hepatitis C Buyers Club
The Hepatitis C Buyers Club: the safest way of accessing genuine generic Hepatitis C medication. Source: CNN Money.

For more information email our Hep C Buyers’ Club by clicking here.

About Us

In 2014 Greg Jefferys discovered that he had Hepatitis C and that there was a cure available, Sovaldi. He also discovered that a 12 weeks treatment with Sovaldi would cost him more than US$80,000, which he did not have. In April 2015 a generic version of Sovaldi was released in India and May 2015 Greg flew to India and purchased a 12 week treatment of generic Sovaldi, which research has shown is just as effective as the USA’s branded Sovaldi.

Importantly he blogged about his trip and the treatment that followed.

12 weeks later Greg was cured of the Hepatitis C and was inundated with inquiries about how to get generic Hepatitis C medication.

This was the point that the Hepatitis C Buyers’ Club was formed. Since 2015 the Hepatitis C Buyers Club has helped thousands of people buy Hepatitis C medication at affordable prices, enabling them to cure their Hepatitis C. To get help from our Hep C Buyers Club just email Greg Jefferys direct on this email gregjefferys@outlook.com

YouTube documentary on greg Jefferys Hep C buyers club
Click this link to watch 3 minute trailer of the documentary on Greg Jefferys Hepatitis C Buyers Club

Our Hepatitis C Buyers Club starts with you. We understand what you need because we have been through exactly what you are going through. Because of this we can offer you Hep C treatment options that ensure you will be cured

Our mission is to ensure everyone who needs Hepatitis C treatment can get access to it. We want to be sure you can treat your Hepatitis C at the lowest possible price with the best possible medication. In most cases the price of your Hepatitis c treatment will be not more than US$550 including the shipping.

As well as Sovaldi generic versions of Harvoni and Epclusa from India are also available at approximately 100th the price of the brand versions of the same drugs.

Generic Hepatitis C medicines from India

Products and Services

Not sure what Hep C medication you need, or what it costs? We’re here to help. Our Hep C Buyers Club has a doctor “in-house” who will make sure you are getting the best Hepatitis C treatment option.

Just send a photo or scan of your most recent Hepatitis C test results and we will help you decide if Sovaldi or Harvoni or Epclusa is the best treatment option for your Hep C infection.

Our Hepatitis C Buyers Club has been set up as a not-for-profit company. Our goal is to help every person with Hep C access Hepatitis C treatment. We put people before profits.

We want to see people cured of Hep C, making money is not our motive. For the complete story about our Hepatitis C Buyers’ Club read the book by clicking this image.

Talk to us about your needs and we will do our best to help you get rid of Hep C.

Get in Touch

Email Greg Jefferys direct: gregjefferys@outlook.com

Snail Mail: Greg Jefferys P.O. Box 217 Woodbridge Tasmania Australia 7162

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